10 Countries in the World with the Best Theme Parks

Do you love traveling with your children? Then you had better head on to the best theme parks in the world. Not only will you enjoy the rides and tasty foods, but you will also embrace the quality time spent with your family. Here are the top 10 countries with the best-known theme parks in the world.

Singapore’s Universal Studios

One of the frequently visited theme parks in the world is Universal Studios, replete with the world’s nerve-wracking rides and fun sights. Not to worry as there are available rides safe for your little children. They can also enjoy meeting and greeting real-life Disney characters at reasonable prices. Wild Wild Wet and Big Splash adventures are also there for those who love a splash.

The USA’s Luna Park

If you like a less crowded place and the Magic Kingdom is off your list, then try the Luna Park. One of the favorite family destinations in New York is Luna Park in Coney Island. The open-gated park boasts of about 30 different rides, ranging from mild to extreme. There are food booths lined up along the coast, giving you a relaxing vibe while the kids enjoy.

Denmark’s Bakken

Bakken, which stands for “The Hill”, is the world’s oldest amusement park, about 4 centuries old. Although established in 1583, it still is fully operational and frequently visited by tourists not only for its rides, but also for its historical significance. Enjoy different rides, from the oldest LadyBird, to the newest The Wild Mice. Plus, there are shows like cabarets, circus, and animal shows, perfect for those who like to simply sit down and be entertained.

USA’s Island of Adventure at Universal Studios

Are your kids certified lovers of prehistoric animals, legends, and superheroes? Then Orlando, Florida’s Universal Studios is perfect for your next family getaway. Around over 8 million guests have visited the park as of 2013, making it the 7th highly frequented park in the US. Today there are 7 islands at the Universal Studios including the newest Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Ohio’s Cedar Point

America is not done with its theme park surprises just yet. The Cedar Point in Ohio is considered the roller coaster capital of the world. Whether you’re a born thrill-seeker, a beach lover, a social butterfly, or a vacationer with family, the Cedar Point has different rides and attractions in store for you. Apart from the gigantic roller coasters and spinners, the beach and barbecue areas are there to complete your theme park adventure.

Japan’s Disneyland

It’s no surprise how the Disneyland dominated the theme park industry. They’re everywhere. But for your next vacation, choose Tokyo’s version of Disneyland. Although the place is also loaded with the typical palaces and rides as those found in Orlando and California, Tokyo’s Disneyland is uniquely amazing. The river canoes in Tokyo’s DisneySea are a hit at anytime of the year. It makes you feel like you’re in a real Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Tokyo Disneyland is also bigger and its glass canopy shelters the guests from the harsh weather. So go ahead and meet Mickey Mouse in Tokyo.

Japan also has the Nagashima Spa Land where you find the adrenaline pumping Steel Dragon coaster. If your kids are old enough to try the ride, then this place is perfect.

South Korea’s Lotte World

The largest recreation complex in South Korea is Lotte World, included in the Guinness World Record for indoor theme parks. The complex consists for 4 main floors filled with the never-ending number of rides and adventures, including swings, drops, roller coasters, boat rides, jungle adventures, bumper cars, trains, and other multi-motion rides. There are also live magic shows for those who like relaxing amusement.

Hong Kong’s Ocean Park

The city is bustling with tourists from nearly every corner of the world, and one of the main tourist attractions is Ocean Park. Experience underwater animals and adventures at Ocean Park. This combined oceanarium and amusement park will never disappoint you. Don’t miss out on their Marine World, Adventure Land, Polar Adventure, and Thrill Mountain. Book your tickets in advance if you wish to see their infamous Symbio and Ocean Theatre.

Paris’ Disneyland

If you wish a more laidback yet sophisticated theme park adventure, Paris Disneyland in France is your perfect getaway. Feast your eyes on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. It sure does feel like you’re in a fairyland with all its intricately designed structures. Avail of their holiday packages to save costs.

China’s Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

There are plenty of splendid amusement parks in China, including the Disney Resort, Happy Valley, and Window of the World. But if you like an underwater park, visit Chimelong Ocean Kindom in Zhuhai. It bagged the 2014 Outstanding Achievement Award for theme parks and it features rare water species like beluga whales and polar bears.

The list can actually go on. But surely, these top 10 picks will never disappoint you.

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