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Inspirational Travel Suggestions

Here at Travel Favourites we suggest some of the top, inspirational travel destinations on the Planet. From must-see locations to celebrity hotspots, and from relaxing holiday homes to exotic beach vacation destinations, we list THE places to visit during your next work break. We hope you enjoy!

The Hottest and Newest Beach Resorts in the World Today

Beach resorts offer an escape from daily life and its stresses, which is why finding the best ones can truly make a holiday relaxing and invigorating. You can truly reward all your hard work by checking into these newest beach resorts that are making waves this year. 1. Rosewood Baha Mar in Nassau, Bahamas This … Read moreThe Hottest and Newest Beach Resorts in the World Today

Singapore Tourist Bucket List

Singapore might be one of the world’s smallest countries, but it is one of the best tourist destinations by far. One of the reasons is the fact that it has an interesting mix of various cultures that peacefully coexist alongside each other. Add the extensive development of tourist destinations, and what you get is a … Read moreSingapore Tourist Bucket List


Fine Dining at the UK’s Top Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Britons love their canine friends. As a matter of fact, there are some Britons who’d rather spend an evening enjoying a meal with their respective hounds than somebody else they know. For these folks, nothing can replace the dedication and loyalty that dogs give to their human masters. If you’re travelling with your dog and also want to experience dining or even grabbing a quick bite with your pet dog happily lapping at your feet, you simply have to visit any of these dog-friendly restaurants in the UK.

Beach cottages in Alabama

Beating the Cottage Holiday Booking Rush

From budget accommodations for large groups of people to dining arrangements while on a holiday and a whole lot more, be ready to shop for the best deals in town. While it is not unusual for holiday companies and travel agencies to offer 11th hour discounts, deals, or rebates, your best shot at landing the most valuable deals will be several months before your intended holiday.

spa holidays in the UK

Relax and Enjoy These UK Spa Destinations

A spa holiday is one way of freeing yourself from stress but once you see your bill for a three-day relaxation and treatments, you might feel stressed again. This does not mean you cannot spend time in a spa if you are not rolling in money. It is just a matter of finding the most affordable place. Here are the most affordable spa places in Europe.