Top 10 Best Beaches in the World

Year in and year out, millions of people all over the world head to their favorite beaches for some relaxing time, superb fun, and wonderful memories in the surf, sand, and sun to be created. You don’t have to go very far because one of the top 10 best beaches in the world might just happen to be a few miles from home. So, take out your holiday planner and start jotting down notes to beach experience of a lifetime.

1. Honokalani Beach, Hawaii

If you’re into beach and nature photography, this is your paradise. Located in the island of Maui, Honokalani boasts of an unusual geographic feature. Instead of sand, you get miniature lava pebbles forming its signature jet-black shore and washed by its lapis lazuli waters.

2. El Nido Beach, Palawan

With 50 different pure white sandy beaches, it’s virtually impossible to pick just one. Many international beachgoers pack to this remote Philippine island and marvel at the limestone formations that guard its beaches. The crystal clear blue waters make the Caribbean look murky. Wait ‘til the sun sets and everything is almost magical.

3. Reduit Beach, St. Lucia

It’s designed by nature to be the perfect getaway for beachgoers who prefer some privacy without having to sacrifice its authentic beach experience. Reduit is just 10 minutes to the south of the Pigeon Island National Park and is perfect for Caribbean relaxation.

4. Palm Beach, Aruba

For those who want to enjoy the beach during the day and splurge on some decadent entertainment at night, the 2-mile strip of sand on Aruba’s northwest is the place to go.

5. Matira Beach, Bora Bora

Situated in the South Pacific, this famous silky, powdery white sandy strip in Tahiti, gently slopes down into an emerald lagoon. You don’t even need to pay 5-star resort prices since the beach is a public-access one.

6. Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Perfect for snorkelers and swimmers, Treasure Beach boasts of 6 miles of sandy coasts that are actually divided into several coves. If you’re tired of the waters, then you can always head to the local community comprised of artists and writers for a cultural journey.

7. Dreamland Beach, Bali

This Indonesian beach is very popular especially among Australian tourists primarily because of its proximity to the island-continent. It’s considered the top destination for surfing made possible by its excellent shore breaks.

8. La Concha Beach, Spain

It may not have white sands to boast but this Spanish beach in Donostia makes for a very romantic beachwalk for couples and lovers everywhere.

9. Elafonissi Beach, Greece

The calm waters of the Mediterranean has always drawn large numbers of beachgoers. You can always rely on a calm sea with intense light blue waters and sand that takes on a pinkish hue.

10. Anse Lazio, Seychelles

Located on Praslin Island, Anse Lazio boasts of picture-perfect beaches washed by warm, crystal clear waters, and provided with powdery white sand for its blanket amidst a backdrop of greens.

Every region on the planet has its own spectacular beach. These are just 10 of them.

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  1. Wow! What a list?! This is a great selection of beaches. I may well go ahead and book my next holiday at one of these places. Thank you for the suggestions. By the way, have you been to Cornwall in the UK? I still maintain that this destination has some of the best sand beaches in the world – although the water is cold!

    • Thanks Tanya… and yes I have been to Cornwall and agree that it has some of the best coastal scenery in the world. I am currently compiling a list of best Cornish beaches for an upcoming feature on this website. Please check back soon.


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