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Every year travel writers and pundits like to compile lists of the top travel locations to visit in this year. Sometimes these are personal favourites, sometimes they are based on actual visitor numbers, while other lists take into a range of scoring criteria such as access, political situation, climate trends and currency exchange rate. We like the latter because it adds a scientific approach and objectivity to the top travel destination compilations. But which locations are tipped as top travel destinations in 2015? We found the following article from which lists Lonely Planet’s selection of top travel destinations.

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Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2015

The Capitol, Washington DC
Washington DC is named by Lonely Planet as the top city destination in 2015

The hottest destinations in the world to visit in 2015 have been announced by travel publisher Lonely Planet.

The company’s Best of Travel 2015 defines the regions, cities, countries and best-value destinations to visit next year.

Making a surprise number one entry for best country is the Australian traveller’s favourite stopover destination, Singapore. Why? Because Singapore is celebrating its Golden Jubilee, or 50 years of independence, and they’re partying in style. Beside the smattering of attractions they already possess, such as designer hotels and a burgeoning fashion and dining scene, new developments are expected to be ushered in, as well as improving their already award-winning Changi airport.

Voted as the number one city to visit in 2015, Washington DC is not merely the capital of the USA, but it’s also a most capital place to visit museums and monuments in the world, according to Lonely Planet, with the Smithsonian Institution being a top draw. This year the city is set to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination; but if that doesn’t float your boat, then Lonely Planet recommends checking out its reinvented urban landscapes, vibrant bar scene or its renowned ethnic eats. (See Traveller’s own 20 reasons to visit Washington DC)

Those on a budget should looking towards the African continent, where the best bargains can be had in South Africa and Tunisia, the latter ranked the world’s best value destination as the compact North African country lures travellers back to the once-troubled nation.

Australia’s only gong went to Tasmania, ranked fourth-best region, well behind the winning Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey.

A spokesperson from Lonely Planet explains Tassie’s selection; “Modern Tasmania has adopted a fresh, hip and inclusive attitude sparked by the brilliant revival of its now super-cool waterfront capital, Hobart, and the development of an eclectic year-long events calendar”.

But Zeiher warns the diversity of offerings on Tasmania’s plate may require multiple helpings.

Lonely Planet’s lists are compiled from hundreds of ideas are submitted by Lonely Planet’s staff, authors, bloggers, travellers and tweeters which are then refined by a panel of in-house travel experts based on topicality, excitement, value and that special x-factor.

The top 10 places are chosen for their merits and the unique experiences they may offer travellers.

The Top 10 Countries to visit in 2015:






Republic of Congo


The Philippines

St Lucia


The Top 10 Cities to visit in 2015:

Washington DC

El Chaltén, Argentina

Milan, Italy

Zermatt, Switzerland

Valletta, Malta

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Salisbury, UK

Vienna, Austria

Chennai, India

Toronto, Canada

The Top 10 Regions 2015 are:

Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey

Rocky Mountain National Park, USA

The Toledo District, Belize

Tasmania, Australia

Northern Norway

Khumbu, Nepal

Copper Canyon, Mexico

Flores, Indonesia

Atacama Desert, Chile

Macau, China

The Top 10 Best-Value Destinations for 2015:


South Africa








Burkina Faso


So the question is, which locations will you travel to in 2015? Out of this list I totally recommend Nicaragua and Morocco. I’d really like to go to the Philippines and South Africa. Nepal, Norway and Chile also tickle my fancy. This is a strong list of travel destinations for all types of traveller. Lonely Planet have done a good job at compiling a list of places ripe for visiting this year.