The Hottest and Newest Beach Resorts in the World Today

Beach resorts offer an escape from daily life and its stresses, which is why finding the best ones can truly make a holiday relaxing and invigorating. There is some amazing beach accommodation in beautiful locations the world over. You can truly reward all your hard work by checking into these newest beach resorts that are making waves this year.

1. Rosewood Baha Mar in Nassau, Bahamas

This mega-hotel offers its guests all the water activities that you can expect from similar resorts, including all types of pools you will ever want to see. The 237 rooms overlook the waters of Nassau, giving you the full beach holiday experience. What makes it extra special is the interior design, which marries the island British influence and the local history through the architecture and the artworks featured in the hotel. Visitors can also purchase locally made products on-site.

2. Hotel Joaquin in Laguna Beach, California

Boutique hotels have arrived at Laguna Beach, thanks to Hotel Joaquin. Completely relaxed and quite cozy, this is the kind of place you can walk around barefoot. You will also get to interact with the other guests and this is truly part of the hotel’s charm. The design is also quite appealing, with its lived-in feel that will certainly set it apart from any other beach resort in this normally glitzy area.

3. Punta Caliza in Isla Holbox, Mexico

One of the hottest new beach resorts is in the increasingly-popular Yucatan Peninsula. While a bit hidden, it certainly does stand out compared to the rest of the resorts in the area. The design is based on a Mayan building technique named chukum, where the thatched roof is placed on top of red bark and limestone stucco, forming a triangle shape. What makes this resort interesting is the swimming pool in between the villas, which ends literally at the door. Visitors can enjoy the private beach while enjoying the fresh produce of the area.

4. Kudadoo Maldives Private Island in Maldives

This exclusive resort is the first one in the country to be fully solar-powered. Visitors of the 15-room hotel in this small sandbank will enjoy the all-inclusive services, including water sports, a 24/7 butler, spa treatments, and the delicious dishes served with the finest wines. The almost 1000 solar panels provide enough energy that there is no single generator in the hotel. This means no loud noise to drown the sound of the waves outside.

5. Zuri Sanzibar Hotel and Resort in Tanzania

The Zuri ZanZibar makes it possible for guests to enjoy both the beach and the jungle without traveling for hours. After walking through the jungle to catch sight of the local wildlife, they can sit back and relax in one of the 55 standalone bungalows. The design is also something quite unique, mixing together indoor and outdoor facilities unseen in other resorts. This means you can almost always catch the breeze blowing in from the Indian Ocean, and sleep listening to the waves crashing on the beach close by.

These newly-opened beach resorts aim to revolutionise your holiday and give you an unforgettable experience so forget those traditional beach holidays and give these hotels a try.

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