Top 4 World-Class Travel Destinations That You Can Truly Experience

Sometimes your travel destination is not an actual place but the experience of traveling itself. In these cases, the journey is just as important as the destination. Here are some places that may appeal to the more adventurous when it comes to travel destinations.

The Yangtze River

The Yangtze River is one of the rivers that started civilizations, much like the Euphrates. It is nearly 4,000 miles long and is both a creator and destroyer. Inasmuch as agriculture powered by the river’s waters have created mighty civilizations, so, too have its floods wiped them out. However, the Three Gorges Dam, which is an engineering feat in itself, may change many things. For now, traveling through the Yangtze will take you to many famous cities, such as Shanghai, Nanjing, and Wuhan. Simply by traveling on this river, you will be able to trace the story of China itself.


Simply put, this stark yet surreal place is a land of extremes. It is the coldest and windiest place in the world, and yet the absence of rain and with most of the land locked in ice, it is considered the world’s largest desert. Given the environment, it is no surprise that there are no permanent settlements, making it the only continent without a government. And there never will be, as a 1959 treaty has set aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve.

If you will travel to Antarctica, it would be best for you to charter a cruise ship, from which you can observe the stunning beauty of the land and sea. However, to appreciate the land truly, you can sign up for an expedition trip. It is a good idea to check your health out before going out in these expeditions, but the experience itself will be sure to leave you with a lasting set of memories.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is a popular hiking destination, with around 15,000 hikers visiting the mountain every year. The mountain itself looks deceptive, since it looks like it is manageable from a distance.

However, hiking up the mountain requires around five to six days, and hikers go through many kinds of environments, from a rainforest to what is essentially arctic tundra. Hikers have to go up slowly, to allow the body to adapt to all the various climates and the thin air. Nevertheless, it is an experience worth having, as long as one is reasonably careful and prepared for the rigors of hiking up a mountain.

The Grand Canyon

Hiking rim to rim is a favored activity for people who do visit the Grand Canyon. And the suggestion is not to hurry it up. Some people have likened the place to a geological and environmental museum, and that it is in appreciating the nature and scale of the canyon that one will get lifetime memories. Aside from the flood months, any time of the year seems to be a good time for trekking across the canyon.

One has to be careful, though, as the wildlife and extremes of temperature and weather can easily knock a person out. It’s suggested that you have a guide or at least someone who is experienced in hiking across the Grand Canyon as part of your group, or as your hiking partner.

The next time you decide to get a much-needed holiday, make sure to visit one, two, or even all of these world-class travel destinations.

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